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Annecy classic bike tours 2016


Lake Annecy Classic Bike Tours French Alps France 

cycling Paradise -> Let us share Cycling Paradise with you in 2016!

"My Annecy French Alps Bike Trip Week" ->
Riding in the French countryside, especially in the Alps was something I had dreamed of doing all my life and after watching the Tour de France on television for several years I knew it was something I needed to do. The experience we had riding with Practicebicycle exceeded my expectations and to share this experience with my son and see his total enjoyment of the rides (even the harder ones!) and witness how inspired he was, was worth every cent. You both have a passion and love for cycling which is translated into the manner in which you conduct your tours. Each and every ride was a new experience and conducted in a professional manner to ensure our ride was not only extremely enjoyable but at a comfortable pace and where our safety was paramount. I would like to thank you both sharing the week with us and providing an unforgettable experience,  which I am hoping is only an introduction to many more.
Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working! (K&PTaylor - Australia)

annecy CLASSIC bike tours april - SEPT 2016 

Looking for the perfect Bike Tour with the balance between the 'Challenge' and 'Relaxation' exactly what most of us strive for...this is it!
It's why we call it the Annecy "Classic" Bike Tour, with proven routes, and a skilled, knowledgeable team this cycling experience cannot be beaten...
An unforgettable time on the Bike Tour that made Practice Bicycle Tours famous around the world.

Every day of the Annecy Classic Bike Tour is packed with new cycling routes and new places to see and visit. We pride ourselves on showing you the very best cycling in the world!  If it's more of a 'French Alps Challenge' and less of the relaxation that your looking for take a look at the French Alps Training Camp!
With your Annecy Bike Tour feel like a local cyclist on and off the bike, see beyond what any guide book will show you!  An opportunity not too be missed!

Your 'Annecy classic Bike Tour' includes:

  • 5 nights apartment/hotel accommodation in Annecy Centre Ville
  • 5 continental buffet breakfasts each morning French style
  • 5 guided rides around Annecy and the French Alps designed & tailored to the individual
  • Highly experienced French Alps professional cycling guide
  • Haute Savoie support team & vehicle & 'on the go' mechanical assistance
  • Sports drinks & bike food for each ride
  • Welcome Aperitif & Dinner in one of Annecy's finest Gastronomique Restaurants
  • 4 Auberge/Restaurant lunches or dinners
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland and short transfer to Annecy, France (Tour midday arrival & departure days)

Plus, as our valued guest you will also receive: 

  • A Practice Bicycle Tour Gift Pack
  • 20 years French Alps experience & meticulous tour planning
  • Small group & camaraderie
  • 1st class Service
  • Unique experience & lots of FUN!
  • Memories of a Lifetime!

Wake Up In Comfort

Start your day with a delicious continental breakfast.  Then join your small group and your local host for a few minutes chat about the planned bike ride for the day.  At this time you are also welcome to pack anything you want (additional clothing, personal items etc.) in the support vehicle for the ride.  The support vehicle is also available for anyone who would prefer to take it easy and enjoy the tour from the comfort of the vehicle.  Be sure to take your camera and a few euros to enjoy the cafe, patisserie or lunch stops on route each day.  A coffee and a mouth-watering "Pain au chocolate" or "Citron tart" are never far away to keep the legs turning. 

Annecy Classic Bike Tours French Alps France Premium Cycling Experiences

Spectacular Guided Cycling

The stunning bike ride for the day will begin with your professional highly experienced local guides by your side; as you head off to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world, the French Alps – Cycling Paradise.  Each cycling route during your Annecy Classic Bike Tour will be tailored specifically for your bike riding ability and experience, you can have a challenging ride or a comfortable ride the choice is yours! Sports drinks and nutritional supplies are always on hand to keep the legs turning as well as mechanical and first-aid support for any unforeseen occasion.  The Practice Bicycle team have a world of cycling experience available to you, allowing each ride to be perfectly paced so you can appreciate the scenery, take some photos or if you wish to be challenged take on another climb or two!

Relax and Explore in the Evening

After the amazing bike tour for the day in the French Alps you will arrive back in the beautiful French town of Annecy between midday and mid-afternoon giving you plenty of time to relax and explore, why not explore more with the Annecy Explorer Bike Tour. You may choose to wander the enchanting streets, do some shopping or just sit by the lake and admire the spectacular views and watch French life pass you by.  The Team can assist you in choosing from the many superb restaurants, bars and salon du teas in the home of PRACTICEBICYCLE Annecy.  Spend your evening enjoying a lovely meal just like a local, ready for your next day full of new sights, adventures and opportunities in the French Alps. Bon soiree! 

Available rides during your Annecy classic Bike Tour

The Annecy Classic Bike Tour gives you a tailored selection from an extraordinary 100 choice routes that the team at PRACTICEBICYCLE have developed with over 20 years cycling in the Rhone-Alps of France. It's why Annecy is a cyclists paradise with an amazing variety of spectacular cycling routes and you'll get to experience the best of them with this first-class guided cycling tour. The cycling routes can be tailored to meet your riding requirements and abilities, only possible with the local knowledge of the professionals in this mecca of cycling the French Alps - Lake Annecy.

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Experience Annecy's Finest                 Challenge youself in the French Alps
Annecy Explorer CyclingTours France                     Annecy French Alps Road Cycling Training Camps

Lake Annecy Non Cycling Tours French Alps Cycling Vacations France

Annecy Non Cycling Tours April - SEPT 2016

The perfect tour package so you can join your wife/husband/partner on the world renowned Annecy Classic Bike Tour in the French Alps on Lake Annecy but you would prefer less energetic sightseeing from the comfort of a vehicle rather than on a bike.

This tour package is designed so that you can experience the entire premium experience on offer during the Annecy Classic Tour.  In fact, you will enjoy all the same benefits as your wife/husband/partner with this outstanding package only your choice is to leave the riding to your partner while you join in the French Alps sightseeing from the comfort of the support vehicle.

Each day you will explore this wonderful part of France with new sights and sounds around every corner beyond what any guide book will show you. All with the full support of your own local guide with regular stops to catch up with your cycling partner on route and explore the amazing day.

Annecy Classic Non Cycling Bike Tours Cycling Holidays French Alps France

Your Annecy Classic - Non Cycling Tour Includes

  • 5 nights apartment/hotel accommodation in Annecy Centre Ville
  • 5 continental buffet breakfasts each morning French style
  • 5 days of guided sightseeing around Annecy and the French Alps through some of the world's most beautiful places
  • Welcome Aperitif & Dinner in one of Annecy's finest Gastronomique Restaurants
  • 4 Auberge/Restaurant lunches or dinners
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland and short transfer to Annecy, France (tour midday arrival & departure days)

Plus as a bonus for our Non Cycling Guest:

  • A Practice Bicycle Tours Gift Pack
  • Admire your cycling partner on the roads of the Alps
  • Local village discoveries
  • French cultural experience
  • 1st class Service
  • Relaxed & tranquil pace
  • Shared memories of a Lifetime!

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24 - 29 Apr 2016

Bike Tour

AUD $2731 / €1775*

15 - 20 May 2016

Non Cycling

AUD $2196 / €1427*

19 - 24 Jun 2016

3 - 8 Jul 2016

7 - 12 Aug 2016

21 - 26 Aug 2016

11 - 16 Sep 2016

 Contact Us for CUSTOM dates of your choice

4* Hotel Accommodation Upgrade

AUD $640 / €384* 
Single Person/Room Supplement         

AUD $685 / €411*
Bike Hire

AUD $400 / €210*

 *Please Note Euro Price is an approximate exchange rate

One of the many selections of choice rides available in Cycling Paradise with the Annecy Classic Bike Tour

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 1
ARRIVAL TIME:  12:00pm

Planned bike ride: 40km(25miles) approx ride time 2-3hrs route Lake Annecy
Our first ride together and what a ride it is, the breathtaking lap of Lake Annecy, the cleanest Lake in Europe, surrounded by the Forrest mountain of Semnoz on the west and the massive La Tournette (2351m) and the Grand Alps to the east.   The perfect way to begin the most exhilarating week of riding with Practicebicycle Bike Tours in Annecy the French Alps!
Leaving Annecy Centre Ville at a leisurely pace, it’s not long before we are following the contour of the Lake.  Exploring the tiny labyrinth of streets and passing homes from medieval times, contrasting spectacular views every few minutes as we head to the southern end of the lake.  It’s easy to see why we like to take in this gentle ride… much to see in such a short period of time!
Stopping for a café and patisserie at one of our favourite patisseries or bars on route and immersing yourself in the slow pace of French life.
This evening we invite you to join us for a Welcome Aperitif and Dinner (compliments of PRACTICEBICYCLE) at one of Annecy’s finest Restaurants to experience local Haute Savoie cuisine!

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 2
Planned bike ride: 85km(53miles) approx ride time 3-4hrs route Park Massif des Bauges
One of our favourite areas awaits you today and one that we could spend all week exploring together, popular in winter with the skiing fraternity, just as breathtakingly peaceful in summer by bike.  We head South out of Annecy and into the Park Massif des Bauges region, this area has a wonderful network and choice of quiet valley roads available to you, all with amazing different scenery.
We will head down one of the beautiful valley roads and work up an appetite for a café and patisserie or lunch stop in our ‘local’!
A must try is Mark’s chocolate éclair or if you have a more savoury palate…Tome des Bauges Fromage – A unique cheese which comes from local dialect ‘toma’ meaning cheese made in mountain pastures, produced in the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges Mountain.   It’s then a beautiful gentle descent back into Annecy with amazing views of the lake and Alps around each corner, the perfect photo opportunity!
This afternoon and early evening you may wish to enjoy the water of Lake Annecy, it is the cleanest in Europe and a great way to enjoy its natural beauty is with a leisurely boat trip, you will discover unique and splendid views of the French Alps and the town of Annecy as seen from the lake.

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 3
Planned bike ride: 100km(62miles) approx ride time 3-4hrs route Aix-les-Bains
After yesterday’s entree into the Alps, today we show you the contrast of this cycling paradise as we explore some of the flatter roads to the West of Annecy and away from the Alps and passing over one of France’s main rivers the Rhone.
After a gentle climb out of town it’s not long before we are into the picture postcard undulating French countryside and heading into the next valley dotted with local vineyards.  A local café stop is never far away on route as we enjoy the open quite roads with views all the way!
In this neighbouring valley the huge water catchment of Lac Bourget can be found and tranquillity of its adjoining Canals ideal for a relaxing lunch time refreshment.
For the more adventurous amongst us a little detour for that additional challenge is available on the way home, should you wish!
Tonight, a perfect evening promenade would be to stroll through the “Jardins de l’europe”, the “Pont des Amours” continuing along the famous “Avenue d’Albigny” for an aperitif on the terrace of the “Imperial Palace”

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 4
Planned bike ride: 80km(50miles) approx ride time 3-4hrs route des Aravis Chain
After many years living, preparing for major races and riding from the home of PRACTICEBICYCLE here in Annecy, we are always spoilt for choice when it comes to picking and tailoring your great ride routes in and around the French Alps during your stay with us.
This is one of the Teams local challenges into the Grand Alps, we have many Col’s of varying difficulties and durations accessible from Annecy and the clear blue waters of the edge of the Lake, but the Aravis Mountain range is one of the most spectacular and on a clear day you will see Mt Blanc (4810m) the White Mountain and highest peak in Europe.
It’s a challenging ride but the spectacular views and sense of achievement as you reach the summit of the Col des Aravis (19km @ Average 5%, 1498m Altitude) make it well worthwhile.  As with all our planned rides you have the option, to relax and enjoy the views from the comfort of the support vehicle if you wish.
Passing through the world renowned Reblochon cheese production area, before we start our long gradual climb deep into the high Alps amongst the shimmering peaks and the fresh mountain air, with breathtaking scenery every pedal stroke of the way.

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 5
Planned bike ride: 70km(43miles) approx ride time 2-3hrs route Cruseilles
We have had a truly remarkable cycling experience so let’s finish the tour in true French style with an adventure into traditional farming country.
There is always a little surprise on the roads when leaving beautiful Lake Annecy and why the local folk call Annecy the “Pearl in the Box”!
Today is no different as we wind our way up and away from our blue paradise home and head into the heart of France and true agricultural country.  This area between Annecy and Geneva is dotted with tiny villages and farming communities with quiet tranquil roads waiting to be explored by bike.
There is always the perfect opportunity for a refreshing break in a picture postcard setting as we roll across some of Frances best fruit growing country, especially for apples and pears.  This patchwork quilt is just as spectacular as the Grand Alps but in an unique and different way, as we pick our route and head back in the direction of Annecy.

Annecy Bike Tour - Day 6
Sadly today is your departure day and it’s time to pack your bike ready for your onward journey from Annecy.  PRACTICEBICYCLE wish you a “Bon Voyage”, safe cycling until we Practicebicycle together again.

Lake Annecy Guided Cycling Day Tours Custom French Alps Bike Rides France  

lake annecy guided cycling day tours
May - SEPTEMBER  2016

Spectacular Day Tours cycling from the beautifully stunning French Lake side town of Annecy.
Are you an experienced cyclist wishing to have your own personal guide or coach for the day in cycling paradise?  Are you the adventurous holiday maker who would love to jump on a bike and see a little bit more of the spectacular French Alps without getting lost?

Enjoy a day of world class guided cycling with a Day Tour from PRACTICEBICYCLE Bike Tours.

ANNECY DAY TOURS start from (per person)...

Comfortable Route                    Challenging Route                    Epic Route
AUD$230 / €150                         AUD$385 / €250                         AUD$540 / €350            

Optional Extras

  • Bike Hire (Carbon Road Bikes + Compact gears for French Alps) AUD $100
  • Helmet Hire (Quality Met Road Helmets)  AUD $30
  • Road Pedal Hire (Look or SPD) AUD $30


CLICK a button to CONTACT US with your chosen dates to discuss your ride optionsContact Us - Lake Annecy Day Tours

  • Guided Day Tour
  • Central Annecy meeting point


Looking for something more Tailored in Cycling Paradise?

Contact Us - Custom Annecy Day Tours

  • Private Guided Day Tour with English speaking guide
  • Your choice of tailored premium ride route
  • Convenient Annecy Hotel ride start and finish point
  • Sports drinks and energy foods

Annecy French Alps Guided Cycling Day Tours

Here's just a very small selection of the endless choice of bike routes available to you with categories for all abilities, Comfortable, Challenging and Epic. 

Perfect introduction to the French Alps, including a moderate climb!
Challenging Route: Distance 70km/43miles, Ascent 540m/1770ft,
Approx ride time: 3 – 3.5hrs

Patchwork green country fields of France and magnificent views of the Grand Alps!
Comfortable Route: Distance 40km/25miles, Ascent 400m/1300ft, 
Approx Ride Time: 2 – 2.5hrs

Perfect training route into the Alps feel like a Tour de France rider on your own stage!
Epic Route: Distance 90km/56miles, Ascent 1400m/4600ft,
Approx Ride Time: 4 – 4.5hrs

Undulating roads, fantastic views, authentic France.
Challenging Route: Distance 60km/37miles, Ascent 790m/2600ft,
Approx ride time: 3 – 3.5hrs

Highlight of your holiday, soak up the beauty of Lake Annecy and the surrounding Alps.
Comfortable Route: Distance 40km/25miles, Ascent 210m/690ft,
Approx ride time: 2 – 2.5hrs

For those who wish to feel like a Tour de France rider for the day, then this is for you!
Epic Route: Distance 90km/56miles, Ascent 1450m/4800ft,
Approx ride time: 4 – 4.5hrs

Flat roads amongst the fruit growing area of the Haute-Savoie.
Comfortable Route: Distance 45km/28miles, Ascent 460m/1500ft,  
Approx ride time: 2 – 2.5hrs

Classic endurance day in the saddle following the Rhone River
Epic Route: Distance 110km/68miles, Ascent 1350m/4400ft,
Approx ride time: 4.5 - 5hrs

Explore some of the flatter roads to the east and enjoy the scenic Lake Bourget.
Challenging Route: Distance 100km/62miles, Ascent 900m/2900ft,
Approx ride time: 4hrs

Wonderful, twisting country roads, this marvellous landscape made for the cyclist.
Comfortable Route: Distance 45km/28miles, Ascent 550m/1800ft, 
Approx Ride Time: 2 – 2.5hrs

Great valley roads in the Massif des Bauges National Park
Challenging Route: Distance 75km/47miles, Ascent 960m/3100ft,
Approx ride time: 3.5 - 4hrs

Ideal for the climber with spectacular panoramic views from the 'top of the world'.
Epic Route: Distance 50km/31miles, Ascent 1200m/3900ft,
Approx Ride Time: 3 – 3.5hrs

Fully Guided Day Tour to Bike Races
          Day Tours Bike Races  Volta Algarve Portugal Criterium Dauphine French Alps Giro dItalia Tour de France

Annecy Week End Bike Tours 2 Days Guided French Alps Cycling France 


Annecy, Lake Annecy the most perfect spot for a short Cycling Break in Cycling Paradise, let the PRACTICEBICYCLE experience give you a dream Bike Tour Escape with this 2 Night flexible package…what could be more perfect than the best bike riding of your life in the most stunning location in Europe – Lake Annecy French Alps.

When your short of time and looking for all the quality, detail and first class service taken care of with a Bike Tour Week-End (OR 2 Nights of your choice) , packed with everything that you could wish for with your bike tour experience.  Pick your dates, relax in total confidence and save all your energy for Riding and Relaxing…

You will be amazed at the pleasure and sense of achievement of your fully supported cycling break, brought to you with all our local knowledge and experience of living and cycling for 20 years in Annecy, Cycling Paradise in the French Alps.


  • 2 Nights 3*** Hotel Accommodation in Annecy Centre Ville
  • 2 French continental buffet breakfasts
  • 2 Amazing Guided  bike rides of your life in the French Alps
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland and short transfer to Annecy, France
  • World class - Experienced guides
  • Proven routes designed & tailored to your requests
  • Support vehicle & 'on the go' mechanical assistance
  • Sports drinks & bike food for each ride
  • No maps, no getting lost, no concern with completing the ride.
  • Your pace, no need to keep up with the bunch!

Plus, optional extras available:

  • 4**** Accommodation Upgrade
  • PRACTICEBICYCLE Premium Cycling Kit
  • Bike Hire


Annecy Week-End Bike Tour Day 1: Arrival Day in Annecy and the beauty of Lake Annecy, start your dream break with the amazing panoramic views of the French Alps and the first of the best two rides of your life.  Experience Cycling Paradise like no other as we share one of the many choice rides at your pace, take it easy or bring on the challenge it’s your choice all the way.  This evening relax and enjoy the charm of Annecy with only two nights… don’t waist a second!

Annecy Week-End Bike Tour Day 2: Enjoy a full and leisurely Breakfast or if you prefer take an early start before we ride on the mythical roads of the French Alps, classic and breathtaking, seen on the TV and picture postcard perfect now ridden by you.  It’s your short cycling break so ride as much or as little as you like with all the support and guidance available from the No 1 cycling team in Annecy the French Alps.
Ride all day or spend the afternoon relaxing and exploring this ‘Baby Paris', yes all the pleasures of Paris in one idyllic town nestled in the French Alps.  Tonight celebrate or reward yourself, with your perfect last night in the heart of France, don’t forget too pinch yourself - soak up the evening, eat and drink with your bike tour escape for just a little longer…

Annecy Week-End Bike Tour Day 3: This morning it’s time for your Annecy Week-End (or 2 Nights of your choice) short cycling break to draw to an end and so must the dream,  ‘Au Revoir'  from PRACTICEBICYCLE bike tours until the next dream…
Annecy Weekend Cycling Packages French Alps 2 Days Guided Cycling France


The surrounding area of Annecy is a cyclist's dream with endless quiet roads suitable for all abilities and degrees of difficulty. The Team at Practicebicycle has amassed an amazing 100 + ride routes from Annecy…take a look at a small selection on our Day Tours page.


  • Lake Annecy and the spectacular French Alps...cycling paradise!
  • Cycling in the French Alps, unique cycling "escapism". 
  • It’s more than just a bike tour….it’s an investment in your well-being.
  • Submerse yourself in the French way of life.
  • Ride a bike to the best of your ability and most importantly enjoy equally life’s other pleasurable experiences of eating, drinking and great conversation!
  • A sense of personal pleasure, challenge and enrichment can accrue the element of self-discovery or escape!
  • Cycling with Practicebicycle in Annecy is a great way to explore the hidden secrets of a region, enjoy intimate contact with local culture and an opportunity for you to feel great.
  • Adventure and a taste of authenticity away from the crowds.
  • We believe it’s not only about the important location, but also what you do and experience whilst you are here, quality in an ever increasing world of quantity!


Accompany your cycling partner on the 2 day Annecy Week-End Bike Tour, whilst they pedal this paradise, relax in the comfort of the support vehicle and escape together!  Experience and share all the same sights of this unique region of France, with regular meeting points throughout the choice ride routes.  Whilst cycling can be a pleasurable challenge for some, your pleasures will be more of the cultural and discovery of this regions history and traditional way of life, from artisanal local products to the joy of relaxing at a Restaurant/Café in the country!

Annecy short break BIKE TOURS DATES & PRICE

3 - 5 Jun 2016

Bike Tour

AUD $972 / €632*

1 - 3 Jul 2016

Non Cycling

AUD $798 / €519*

5 - 7 Aug 2016

2 - 4 Sep 2016


4* Hotel Accommodation Upgrade

AUD $213 / €128* 
Single Person/Room Supplement         

AUD $387 / €232*
Bike Hire

AUD $200 / €110*

*Please Note Euro Price is an approximate exchange rate


Looking for longer in Cycling Paradise
Lake Annecy Bike Tours French Alps France